Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Out of the House This Summer — Kids Gallore

Reblogged from kids gallore.

Pearl is an outdoor girl-have wheels will travel.

Her school is amazingly awesome at providing her with astonishing things to do.

There is a reason I was not a special needs teacher. I have no ideas.Unsurprisingly,in the holidays she is not keen on sitting quietly beside me while I read for 6 weeks.

Fortunately I have just discovered http://www.kidsgallore.com and found this nifty little blog. Full of ideas which can be easily adapted for a wobbly girl I particularly like ice eggs.

If like me the summer holidays seem slightly terrifying have a look!


Craft With Seashells Seashells make a great craft because they are inexpensive (or free) and the options are endless. Your tots can paint them, string them, or stack them. The only thing needed is some glue and a little creativity! Make Designs With Body Paint No need to head to the fair; have fun at […]

via Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Out of the House This Summer — Kids Gallore

Author: pearliejqueen

Mother of Pearl and two others.Reluctant specialist in special needs parenting.Champion procrastinator,and escaper to the world of Vintage.

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Out of the House This Summer — Kids Gallore”

  1. Never seen this site before, it’s fab!, so am now following. Thanks for the share. Love all the ideas…especially seashells and ice eggs…although daddy will still have to wash the car for the foreseeable future 🙂


  2. Just found it this morning and want to make the ice eggs whether Pearl is interested or not!I feel her attention for treasure hunting may be limited although she is a huge Swashbuckle fan!


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