Saturday Siblings

A big thank you to the first born.

Someone here has been feeling a little left out of this blog.

In the blogosphere she is “The Glory” and glorious she undoubtedly is. Unfortunately (!) for her she is neurotypical, independent, helpful and as such doesn’t get much space on here.

So a quick thank you would appear to be in order.

Thank your letting me try out my parenting skills on you. I remember how I shook when I gave you your first bath-I was so afraid I’d break you!

Thank you for bringing Bad Lucy into our lives-I’m afraid she made us laugh lots.. and yes we did know it was you that did those things.

Thank you for growing into such a fabulous person, I’ve been scared of teenagers since I was one, you however are splendid, stylish, clever and witty and HAVE GREAT HAIR-you really do-so don’t ask again!

You show such maturity in your outlook and thinking, you are working so hard academically and I know you are struggling with social anxiety and depression. If I could wave a wand and take it away I would, but I am here and I have tea and cake.

Glorious, glorious Glory I love you, I ‘m sorry family life can be so tricky, and sometimes you get shunted to one side but you and we will be OK ‘cos we have each other and a tonne of love, kindness and humour (oh and video games).

Thank you for growing into a friend, but always remember I’m The Mummy. So there.






Author: pearliejqueen

Mother of Pearl and two others.Reluctant specialist in special needs parenting.Champion procrastinator,and escaper to the world of Vintage.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Siblings”

  1. Beautiful. She has the most glorious hair. I am jealous. I was going to say mildly jealous but that’s a big fat lie!!! Yes, she is stylish, a leader in style one might say, and yes, yes, yes, she is a wonderful young lady with a wonderful young mummy. Love love love xxx

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    1. I will tell her,and she will say ” she’s just saying that ‘cos she’s your friend” Oh I hated being 17 ,and it doesn’t seem to have got any easier!Thank you,thank you for your lovely comments.x

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  2. I have found this so touching, what a wonderful #saturdaysiblings. I often find that our “easier” kids get left out a lot… I have three and I find that I talk about Edith (youngest) because she’s hitting milestones and oldest because he’s hitting milestones but I forget my middle son Toby. I feel a touch better about the fact that he gets a bunch of IG time though haha! H x

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    1. It’s like the difficult children at school getting more attention than the ‘ordinary’ ones isn’t it!Family life though,it’s what they were born into and they just have to get on with it.Love the Saturday Siblings idea it’s very celebratory -thanks for your comments and enjoy Bank Holiday Jane x


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